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Description General description Download
Aramid Heat-resistant and strong para-aramid fiber, with an excellent clean cut. PDF Download
Aramid RFL Superior Aramid Shortcut with RFL Coating PDF Download
Arselon S Arselon-S is a polyoxadiazole (POD) polymer based heat-resistant fiber. PDF Download
Carbon Our standard carbon fiber has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and a high tensile strength. PDF Download
Nylon 6.6 RFL Nylon 6.6 fiber employed with an epoxy reagent and dipped in a resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex. PDF Download
Nylon 6.6 1,5 denier per filament un-crimped polyamide 6.6 precision cut. PDF Download
Nylon 6 1,5 denier per filament un-crimped polyester precision cut. PDF Download
Polyester RFL Polyester fiber employed with an epoxy reagent and dipped in a resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex. PDF Download
Polyester 1,5 denier per filament un-crimped polyester precision cut. PDF Download

Fiber Fillers



Application based fiber solutions

Barnet has acquired vast experience in creating a perfect cut of almost any material. We have used this experience to produce fiber fillers for technical applications. Together with our customers, we “create” the perfect fiber for any application. There is no such thing as a standard product portfolio; we base our fibers on your specific needs in four “simple” steps.


Base Polymer

Our product range includes aramid, carbon, PET, PA66, PP and PLA. Additionally, our worldwide network enables us to source and process other materials such as Vectran, PVA and PPS.


Sizing & Finishes

Our partners are able to provide us suitable finishes to maximize the workability of our fibers. The sizing and finishes deliver the properties and attributes critical to your production process:

  • Fiber dispersion
  • Impact resistance
  • Adhesion/Cohesion in composites
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Thermal stability


Cutting is our business

We are one of largest short cut fiber producers worldwide with production sites on all major continents. The cleanness of the cut is easily underestimated. However, only a perfect cut leads to that perfect dispersion or that calculable added value in your end product.


Over the years we perfected our cutting technique, enabling us to offer a wide range of perfect cuts:


Milled fibers: 100-750 micron
Precision cut: 0,5mm – 100mm precision cut


Contact one of our specialists in order to receive a more detailed overview of the cutting possibilities.


Custom packaging

Our packaging options are limitless: from 300kg big bags to 5kg PE bags.


Current markets

  • Paper industry
  • Wetlaid Nonwovens
  • Automotive reinforced parts
  • Automotive / Industrial belts
  • Tire reinforcement
  • Brake/friction linings
  • Clutch linings
  • Industrial floor reinforcement
  • SMC fillers
  • Construction (UHPC)
  • Hoses


RFL Superior, a flexible success story

Our way of working results in continuous product development. Every so often we stumble upon developments, which set a new standard to the existing markets.

Based on our customer's demands we created an RFL coating which, compared to the traditional RFL, doubles the tensile strength of a short fiber reinforced SBR Rubber. In the menu on the left, you will find our internal research on Barnet's RFL, with Para-Aramid as a base material.

The wide variety of matrixes and properties lead to numerous different cuts and finishes. Whether you are looking for the perfect filling fiber or the specialized commission cutting partner, let’s talk.