Barnet is a specialist in the production of short cut fibers to serve many new and technical applications. The expertise of our team enables us to respond to your requirements and offer you the right fiber to suit your application, especially with regard to dispersion and performance.


Our short cut fiber is typically offered in white. However, we can supply many custom-made grades upon request.

Colors can be made available, as well as specialty fibers such as hollow, flame-retardant, antibacterial and antistatic grades.


In addition to that we can supply short cut fibers with specialty finishes, modified cross-sections, multiple lusters and low shrinkage fiber.


A selection of the main end uses is as follows:



Short cut fibers are used in many paper applications such as security paper, specialty paper, filter paper and wallpaper. The fiber improves properties such as tear-, tensile- and burst-strength and bulk.



Barnet’s range of specialty short cut fibers has been specifically designed for this high performance market. Wetlaid nonwovens are used in many high performance areas such as battery separators, filtration and high temperature insulation fabrics.


Precision cut fibers and flocks are added to reinforce natural and synthetic rubber compounds. These fibers are widely used to add performance to V belts, timing belts and rubber hoses.


The use of short cut fibers in polymers is growing as they help to improve the strength, stiffness and durability of the base resin or polymer.


Short cut fibers are added to concrete to stop cracking caused by contraction. They are also used within roofing materials, coatings, sealants and fillers.