Barnet is a leading global production, recycling and trading company, specializing in non-first grade fibers, polymers and yarns. Our range of products includes Polyester, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Acrylic, Polypropylene, Viscose and so called High-Tech Fibers. Driven by flexibility, creativity and the desire to meet customer needs, Barnet provides experience, competence, reliability and service to thousands of customers all over the world. Our range of products and services is constantly changing and expanding to be in line with market requirements. 
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Carrer at Barnet Europe

Industrial Yarn Nylon 6, Nylon 66 and Poylester

Thermoplastics Polymers in Nylon 6, Nylon 66 and Polyester (PET)

High-Performance Yarns


In the market place of today, the motto has become: faster, stronger, lighter, safer. Therefore, Barnet is also able to assist you in the field of high-performance yarns, such as Para-Aramid and HMPE.


Para-Aramid offers a very high tensile strength with a low elongation, which results in a high modulus yarn, with excellent resistance to chemicals and heat. Para-Aramid is used in a large variety of applications such as cordage, hoses and heat-protection products. We can offer dtex 220 up to 3300, mostly in raw color, but also several counts in spun- or piece dyed colours.


When even a higher strength is needed, Barnet is also able to supply HMPE yarns. With a tenacity of 15 times stronger than steel, combined with an excellent abrasion resistance, this yarn is the perfect fiber for use in climbing or sailing ropes and various kinds of narrow fabrics.  Our assortment ranges from dtex 55 up to 1760 in various plies or twist constructions.


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Due to Barnet´s worldwide network, other high-performance yarns may also be offered on request.


Nega-Stat® the antistatic bi-component filament yarn


Since purchasing the Nega-Stat® patents from Dupont™, Barnet is able to offer one of the most unique and technically designed static dissipative yarns in the world.


Nega-Stat® is a state-of-the-art fine denier multifilament bi-component yarn with a patented trilobal-shaped conductive core that is surrounded by a sheath of polyester or nylon.


Nega-Stat® provides the optimum anti-static protection in grounded and ungrounded applications according to end-use specifications.


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