Barnet is a global supplier of high tenacity filament yarns for all types of industrial applications such as NARROW and BROAD FABRICS, CORDAGE and NETTING, SLINGS, HOSES, REINFORCEMENTS, MECHANICAL RUBBER GOODS (MRG), GEOTEXTILES and INDUSTRIAL SEWING THREADS. Our sales team provides both technical skills and global market knowledge to our partners in the textile industry.

Our extensive portfolio contains a large variety of yarn types and counts in Polyester, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Rayon (Viscose) and Polypropylene high tenacity yarns. These are available in a vast range of make-ups - including cones, tubes, copses and many more. High-tech yarns are available on request.


Special requirements such as customized twist constructions, colors, make-ups or quantities can be fulfilled.


Quality inspections are carried out in-house on a regular basis, but can also be independently verified by our partner institutes if required.


All these items are available as first grade quality products as well as various types of lower-grade qualities, such as sub-standards and b-grades.


Other yarn types / materials not listed here can be offered on request.